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Biological, naturopathy or natural biological integrative Medicine at cancer and chronic diseases

The challenge

Course 60

Dr. med. Ralf Oettmeier, Gais (Schweiz); Dr. med. Uwe Reuter, Greiz
02:30 - 06:30 pm
Kongresshaus, Sitzungsraum 8 (2nd floor)
Noon Sitzungsraum 8 (2nd floor)
* Sponsored by Klinik im LEBEN, Greiz/Vogtland and Alpstein Clinic, Gais (Switzerland)
If conventional medicine can´t help or suppress the symptoms only with painkillers, antiphlogistical remedies or chemotherapy, the integrative approach with Naturally Biological Medicine is the way to go.
That means, first, it starts with additional diagnostics, special functional diagnostic methods, to understand how does the body systems work. With the so-called “BioCheck”, a system of additional blood tests, electromagnetic and temperature regulation tests, stress tests etc. we can show the current situation of the person.
After BioCheck we can start an individually therapy as a holistic approach with detoxification, naturally remedies, hyperthermia, fever therapy, infusion therapy, changing nutrition, fasts and energy- and information medicine.
Natural Medicine looks at the causes of the diseases in the mind, imbalances in the soul and e.g. intoxications of the body. It starts a new understanding of body and soul and can help to find inner peace after real healing, not only supressing symptoms.
By many patient examples it will be demonstrated the importance of chronic interfering fields and toxins to promote chronic inflammation, pain and cancer. It is known that the autonomic nerve system realizes many connections with inner organs, glands and lymphatic areas. Also the relationships between teeth (s.c. odontomes), tonsils, sinuses and their meridian connections should receive attention within a holistic concept. Additionally the toxic load with heavy and light metals, xenoestrogens and harmful organic substances should be diagnosed and distinct eliminated.
Consciousness, motivation, placebo effect, autonomy,the patient can learn to deal gently with body, soul and mind and also with the universe, to achieve awareness to change the lifestyle, handling the surrounding world in a new thinking... that all begins inside the patients.
02:30 - 03:25 pm

BIO-logical, Naturopathy or Natural as a complex individual treatment - an important approach in the classification of naturopathic treatment. Diagnostic criteria for an individually therapy-What`s to do?
Dr. med. Uwe Reuter, Greiz/Vogtland 

03:25 - 04:10 pm

Toxins, Foci, interfering fields, teeth - importance and integration into the concept - What is essential?
Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Josef Vizkelety, Gais (Switzerland)

04:10 - 04:30 pm


04:30 - 05:25 pm

Consciousness, motivation, placebo effect, autonomy
Dr. med. Uwe Reuter, Greiz/Vogtland

05:25 - 06:15 pm

Innovative approaches with infusions taking Special account to ProcCluster (adapted to the acid-base-household), test results and examples of patients
Dr. med. Ralf Oettmeier, Gais (Switzerland)

06:15 - 06:30 pm