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The Strenght of Biological Medicine for Difficult and Unclear Diseases

Swiss Biological Medicine 3 Pillar Program

Course 47

Dr. med. Thomas Rau, Niederteufen (Switzerland)
02:30 - 06:30 pm
Kongresshaus, Sitzungsraum 8 (2nd floor)
Thursday, 01.11.2018 Sitzungsraum 8 (2nd floor)
* Conference language in English, documentation in English and German
Dr.med. Thomas Rau, MD, Medical Director of Swiss Biological Medicine Clinic and Academy
• Dr.Karim Dhanani, BSc , BA, ND , Ontario, Canada
• Dr.Sc.hum.Rebekka Zirbel, leading Biochemist and owner Cell-Lab Cura-Faktur, Heilbronn
• Prof.Dr.Edo Kruslin, Medical Director and owner, Toxiba Laboratory, CH-Basel
• Dr.Ioannis Vogiatzis, Swiss Biological Medicine Center, CH-Teufen
• Prof.Dr.med.dent.Tilman Fritsch, DDS, Bayrisch Gmein, Germany

Short description:
According to WHO statistics, “undefinable and unclear diseases” make many times more impact to the public health situation than cancer, cardiovascular diseases and even diabetes.
It’s the diseases which get rapidly more frequent, as all autoimmune diseases, chronic neurological diseases, metabolic diseases, but also “adrenal fatigue”, “early cognitive decline”, Autism, behavioral disorders, and all neurological diseases which are not definable.
For these diseases, orthodox medicine has only extremely little to offer!
New therapies and mainly diagnostic approaches are available, as
• New therapeutic /medication instruments with peptides, Polyphenoles, “Gut-Sealers”, and detoxification
• New tests for organic toxins and drainage methods- the seminar describes how organic toxins can cause “unclear diseases” and how they can be drained
• The Prof. Fritsch’ technique of NAM dentistry (neuro-anatomo-mandibular dentistry) gives an approach to neurological diseases – new aspects of real “biological dentistry”.
• Pillar 3 in Biological Medicine is Up-building of cells and mitochondria – and organ-specific stimulation. This is done today with peptides, Organ cell extracts, and very specific polyphenols. Germany is leading in this new treatment.
The speakers will present cases and how they approach “difficult diseases”

The Three Pillar Program of Diagnostic and Therapeutical Approach to “unclear, chronic and “modern” diseases, in special Neurological Diseases. New medications and solutions in Immune support and intestinal treatment.
Dr. med.Thomas Rau 


Functional Genomics for the Complicated Cases / Gene Tests which make a therapeutical impact to “Unclear Cases” .
Dr. Karim Dhanani, BCs, BA, ND 


Neurophysiology and Neuropathology in Dentistry.
Prof. Dr. Tilman Fritsch 


Xenohormone, Organische und anorganische Toxins and neurological and Cancer diseases.
Prof. Dr. Edo Kruslin


Intensive infusion Therapies and new aspects of Peptide-Therapies and Cell extracts for neurological and chronic dieases.
Dr.Rebekka Zirbel