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The combination of neural therapy with Ozone/oxygen in silent inflammation (i.v./i.a. application)

Course 59

Dr. med. Siddhartha Popat, St. Katharinen (Germany)
2:30 - 6:30 pm
Kongresshaus, Sitzungsraum 9 (2nd floor)
Noon Sitzungsraum 9 (2nd floor)
* Mit freundlicher Unterstützung der Fa. Humares GmbH - Eumatron, Bruchsal

„Ozone treatment is used in general practice mainly in Major Autoheamotherapy." The application as a local treatment method is also established in bag gassing treatment.
Now, there are recurrent cases of persistent pain in the shoulders, hip joints or bursae, which under a local treatment with intraarticular injections improve suprisingly.
With the help of cases, I show you that the cause of such chronic pain is often the infection with borellia and their coinfections, and how the strategy for sustainable treatment
of this germ spectrum can be Neural therapy as does Regulation Diagnosis of Dietrich Klinghardt."