Darkfield Microscopy: Practical Workshop an an intensive Introduction

Kurs 38

Prof. Dr. med. Thomas Rau, Schwellbrunn (Schweiz)
14:30 - 18:30 Uhr
Kongresshaus, Sitzungsraum 2 (1. OG)
Nachmittags Sitzungsraum 2 (1. OG)

Dr. Rau provides an intensive 4 hours seminar: Introduction to Dark Field Microscopy and the correlation to Milieu- and Sanumtherapy.
Dark Field Microscopy blood test is one of the most interesting and relevant examination of blood cell function, cell quality and dynamic plasma changes over time and under degenerative stress. 
The test can be done by the practitioner in the practice, is extremely cheap to do, integrates the patient very well and is extremely fascinating and motivating for the patient. Not only it shows changes under stress and mainly it shows the changes of plasmaproteins and Enderlein's Protits and the development of bacteria in blood over time. The "symprotits" which are newly called "Exosomes" are seen. No other examination shows more accurate and quicker the relation between plasma, milieu and cells. Dark Field Microscopy is a dynamic examination, over time it shows changes of plasma and cells and their stress and milieu resistance. 
A new way of interpretation to judge about Leaky Gut situation, Silent Inflammation and platelet clotting as a sign of toxic lipopolysaccharides from the gut has been developed by Dr Rau. No other examination gives faster insight to acid-base-metabolism, Hyperprotein problems, and Enderlein's "endobiotic load" which leads to bacteria problems and infection diseases. 

Your learnings:
•    the theory behind the test
•    how to do the test practically
•    what does it need, microscope, etc., where to buy, etc. 
•    interpretation of the slides and what are the consequences for the Biological Medicine treatment?
•    how to see leaky gut and/or silent inflammation
•    how to see "endobiontic load" and the growth of bacteria
•    how to choose orthomolecular or Sanum remedies according to darkfield microscopy.